Our company began with the love for photography and a goal of capturing your most memorable moments for everyone to keep and share. We achieve this goal by making the photography experience unique, fun and interactive for you and your guests. All of our services focus on guests’ interactions with the latest technology which creates contagious excitement.

Mirror Me Photo Booth

The mirror me is a stand alone photo station that consists of a large mirror that guests pose in from of. The mirror is also a touch screen which prompts the guests to pose, dance, act silly and get creative. This technology is very interesting to guests and attracts a large amount of attention because it’s something that most have not seen before, and the instant gratification of getting the printed photos in your hand makes everyone come back for more. The video prompt that is displayed to each group of guests is also fully customizable to match the wedding theme.

Green Screen Photography

This amazing photo experience allows you and your guest to go anywhere in the world! The photo station consists of a green screen backdrop and a selection of backgrounds for guests to choose from. Once the background is picked and the shutter snaps, your guests can pick up the final result in a 4×6 format. Multiple copies are printed group photos. This photo station comes with 2 technicians, one to take the photo and another to process them. The backgrounds and frames can be customized to match your event’s theme.