As wedding photographers, we often get invited to beautiful and historic locations to photograph people in love celebrating their unions among family and friends. Recently we were a part of a wedding reception at the DAR Constitution Hall (Check their reviews on Wedding Wire), right in the heart of downtown DC, and we loved it so much, we decided to feature it on our blog.

During the reception of the wedding, we had access to the entire 17th side of the gorgeous building, which included the historic library and a private patio with views of the Washington Memorial. The main hall where dancing and speeches took place was elegantly decorated by Chick Floral Designs (Check out their reviews on Wedding Wire), while the marble walls and intricate architectural details created a feel of true grandiose.

We also got a chance to show off our brand new “Mirror Me” photo booth which was received with a lot of enthusiasm and attention from all of the guests. We had it set up in the main entrance foyer, and as the the night went on and the guests got a little bit more relaxed, we got a chance to see people get really creative with their pictures. I guess it is something about seeing your reflection in the mirror while not being photographed by a real person made people feel comfortable and encouraged them to get a bit silly.

Since the “Mirror Me” photo booth can print out multiple copies of the photographs the guests were asked to attach one copy in an album which the newlywed couple took home with them before the end of the night. We thought this was a great idea and will be recommending it to our clients next time we get to bring the Mirror Me with us.

We also noticed that the combination of having professional photographers and an interactive photo activity that is something different from a standard photo booth is really a complete package for a wedding reception, or any celebration. While Tigran was taking portraits of the couple and their family in the Library, I was busy showing the first couple of guests how the Mirror Me works. Later in the evening both Tigran and I got a chance to focus on the first dance, speeches and candid photos as the Mirror Me in full swing on autopilot.

With both of us focusing on photography we were able to take some great group pictures featuring views of DC landmarks and to really show off the unique location. We would like to thank Anna and Nat for having us part of their celebration as it was truly a unique experience.