Beautiful couple: Justin & Suzy

Location: Georgetown Waterfront

Photographer: Alex Polyakov

Equipment: Nikon D610, 28mm 1.8, 80-200mm 2.8

How did you guys meet?

We met for the first time at a New Year’s Eve bar crawl through Capitol Hill that two of our mutual friends helped organize. We only talked briefly that night, and then later wound up “meeting” again through OKCupid and actually started dating from there.

What is your favorite way of spending time together?

We love road trips, especially if National Parks are involved. It gives us a great chance to travel the country and check out all the great regional cuisines while also taking in some beautiful scenery.

Do you remember your first date?

My first impression of Suzy was her striking wit, and her willingness to say whatever was on her mind even if it was socially unconventional. In a city so full of people who think liberal but act conservative, because they’re afraid to offend someone, it was refreshing to hear someone really be themselves.

My favorite memory that we’ve ever shared together was our three week trip driving all across Morocco just after Suzy finished her deployment in the Middle East. We went from old walled cities to mountains and beaches and everything in between and really immersed ourselves in the culture of all the little towns. It’s also where we got engaged, out on a sand dune in the middle of the Sahara Desert!

What do you like the most about each other?

Suzy is an unquestionably loyal partner, the kind you always hope you’ll be able to find but are rarely fortunate enough to meet. I know that no matter what she’ll always be there for me, and I for her, and it gives you an unbelievable sense of comfort to have a relationship where you can trust each other so much.

If you could describe your relationship in 3 words, what would they be?




If you could describe your relationship in 3 words, what would they be?

  1. We have a pair of Savannah cat brothers that we got a little over 2 years ago now, named Greebo and Nall, who keep us busy all the time with their antics and tussling.
  2. Suzy makes her own compost, which I then use to grow herbs for our kitchen and roses for her. The house always smells wonderful as a result.
  3. We wound up buying a house together in Capitol Hill, not far from where we met for the first time!